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Nordic Mines' executive management consists of the following persons:


Thomas Cederborg, (born 1948) Chief Executive Officer.

Thomas Cederborg has a degree in law and an extensive experience of leading operations of mining companies. He has been a member of some 20 different boards during his years in the profession. Thomas was previously Chief Executive Officer of Boliden AB, as well as managing director of International Gold Exploration AB and Boart Longyear Ltd. Since 2007, Thomas has been working as project manager at Wilhelmsen Ship Management, Oslo. He is also a board member of ACI Konsult AB, Thomas Cederborg owns shares in the company.  


Jonatan Forsberg (born 1980) Interim CFO since March 2014.
Jonatan holds a Master of Business Administration from Stockholm School of Economics. He comes most recently from a position as CFO for the listed mining company Lappland Goldminers AB (publ). Before that, he used to be a corporate finance advisor at Evli Bank where he participated in several mining transaction. Jonatan has also worked at Deloitte, where he specialized in corporate valuation and financial analysis. Jonatan Forsberg does not own shares in the company.


Peter Finnäs, (born 1962) Explorations Manager, since January 2006.
Peter Finnäs has many years’ of experience of the mining business and holds a degree of Bachelor of Science in geology and mineralogy. He has previously worked as exploration geologist for Endomines Oy and Kalvinit Oy as well as both mining and exploration geologist for Terra Mining AB. Peter Finnäs lives in Finland and he owns shares in the company.
Peter Kuiper, (born 1961) Development Manager since January 2006.
Peter Kuiper has many years’ of experience of managing and assisting boards in the mining business. He holds a degree of Bachelor of Science in geology and is appointed qualified person by SweMin. He has previously held positions as a board members of TerraMining and Scanor Mining AS. He has also been head of exploration of TerraMining as well as chief technical officer and head of development of ScaMining. Peter Kuiper owns shares in the company.


Tom Söderman (born 1966) General manager the Laiva mine since 2012.

Tom Söderman holds a Bachelor of Science in geology from Åbo Akademi in Finland. After finishing his studies in 1992, Tom joined TerraMining. First, he worked with field exploration at the Pahtavaara mine in Finland and then at the Björkdal mine in Sweden, where he later became a mining geologist. At the end of the 1990’s, Tom was employed by Boliden, first at the central mining technology division in the Boliden area and then as mining engineer at Aitik, followed by a position as head of production in the open pit. Before joining Nordic Mines, Tom worked as head of mining at Boliden’s Garpenberg mine. Tom Söderman owns shares in the company.