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The Laiva mine

The Laiva mineralisation is open in several directions, which opens the door to a future expansion of the ore base. The deposit is also open at depth, with the potential for continued open pit mining below levels that have already been planned.

There are also three further gold deposits in the vicinity of Laiva – Kaukainen and Musunneva some 2 km from Laiva, and Oltava that is located 12 km away.

The initial exploration in Musunneva and Kaukainen has indicated raised gold content levels in both the soil and the bedrock. During 2010-2011, Nordic Mines conducted exploration work in Oltava, 12 km south of the Laiva deposit, with the aid of the “Borrugglan” exploration rig.

Oltava is of particular strategic interest, as it is within transportation distance of the concentrator plant in Laiva.

On the linked pages below, you will find more detailed information about the Laiva deposit, as well as descriptions of working methods, calculations and other technical reports.